Good Mental State...

How many times have you felt yourself getting mentally exhausted and drained in the middle of the week? And how many times have you just brushed it off and blamed it on being sleep deprived?

While that may be part of it, it goes way beyond that.

That drained feeling you're getting can be the result of stress that's been piling on for who knows how long, a lack of oxygen flow, or lack of the right nutrients. But, yes also sleep deprivation. The point I'm trying to get at here is that a good nights sleep is not the only thing that could be missing. In this, I'll give you some personal tricks that have helped me a ton.

I'll start off with the basics and go into each with more detail...

To start off, sleeping right and sleeping enough. It may seem small and insignificant from day to day but if you look back you'll see just how much it's affecting you. Pulling an all nighter to finish that project for work or cram for that last final exam will harm you more than help you. It completely throws off your body and disturbs your mental clock. You'll feel sludgy and cranky the entire day and you'll find your focus isn't as good as it typically is.

The next thing I'll recommend is drinking a lot of water. It flushes out your system, keeps your skin clear, and helps keep your energy up. You'll notice that if you didn't drink enough water one day, you feel drained the few days after. It's because your body is telling you you need to drink your dang water. I personally drink roughly 70 ounces a day. Some people chug water during meals and some people sip throughout the day. It's completely up to you how you go about making sure you drink enough. If you're the kind of person who likes to track these kinds of things I recommend the app Plant Nanny. It's adorable and a fun way to keep track of how much water intake you've had each day.

EAT RIGHT! I cannot stress that enough to y'all. That bag of chips you grab from your pantry or the coffee you're reaching for at 3 o'clock to get through the rest of your work day is not a good way to go. That caffeine is making you edgy and those chips are making the skin on your face greasy. Reaching for a smoothie or some hummus or an apple can make a world of difference. Some snacks I've found to help with certain moods are listed below.

Mid-Day Snacks Based on Your Mood:

ANGRY - Nuts

TIRED - Grapes

STRESSED - Dark Chocolate (small portions)

SORE - Pineapple

ANXIOUS - Tea (Green preferably - although, my favorite is English Breakfast)

SAD - Coffee (Yes, if you're feeling this way a small cup of espresso with almond milk is a healthy alternative to a latte and will help you feel a little more cheerful)

Now, I've gotten through the easy stuff... now I'm mentioning exercise. Running is my go to every day. It doesn't require any equipment and you can do it anywhere. I just throw on some track shorts and a tank and hit the streets around my neighborhood with my music. Not only does it alleviate anxiety and stress, but, it also sharpens your memory, boosts your self-esteem, and helps you sleep better. All of those are proven scientifically. Hitting the gym after a particularly long day helps me too I've found. I tend to get frustrated after a day full of work and having to deal with a bunch of other problems on top of it. So, I hit the weights and CrossFit workouts. They get rid of extra negative energy I may have and help me feel better about myself afterwards. Mostly because I'm just like "YES QUEEN YOU CAN DO IT" but also because your body gets more toned the more workouts you do. As a female, that is a huge self esteem booster. It's not shallow to care about how you look and present yourself. The last thing I make a point of doing is yoga. At least three times a week. I'm not one of those people who goes nuts over yoga and swears by it but I recognize it helps me a good amount. It helps me relieves stress I have, improves my mood, and sharpens my concentration. I've also found that it increases my mindfulness, or rather my ability to focus on the now. I've always had the mentality of a person who's wondering what happens next. Whether it's what's going on at the next meeting or what will I need for tomorrow or what should I be doing to prepare for that next big event. Yoga helps me calm that down. But so does meditation which is the last thing I'll mention to you.

Meditation has had a huge increase in popularity recently and for good reason. It helps you a ton. Not only mentally but emotionally. It helps you concentrate and once again, helps alleviate stress. I use the app Breethe when I'm meditating and I recommend it for sure. But, if you don't want to download an app, you can just reference my post on how I meditate day to day :)

I hope this helps! Just remember you're a queen y'all you got this.