Arbonne Skincare & Makeup

As a female who applies makeup on a daily basis, I have become more in tune with what I am putting on my face. I have always tried to go natural and more importantly, healthy. Bad makeup can clog your pores and stunt eyelash growth. But, as a high schooler I had to play a balancing act when it came to getting makeup that was good for me and finding makeup that was affordable. I didn't truly succeed until the summer after my senior year, and that is when I discovered Arbonne!

A family friend approached me about this company and after some research I fell in love. With products that are completely natural but have results, there is something for everyone.

Founded in 1975, Arbonne has remained committed to non-GMO, gluten free, ALL NATURAL products for its 40+ years. The products that I personally swear by are the Speak Volumes Mascara and the RE9 Advanced Prepwork Soft Focus Veil Sunscreen. The mascara does not irritate my eyes at all and has amazing results... some days I just swipe on a layer or two of mascara and apply the sunscreen and I'm set. With a light texture and tint, the Soft Veil Sunscreen covers blemishes and works as a barrier against the rays of the Sun in an effective duo.

As of today, I am an independent business consultant for Arbonne and I am meeting wonderful people with the same vision as I do when it comes to natural products that are amazing for you!

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We carry all sorts of makeup from foundation to eyeshadow to lipstick! Similarly, we have skincare for all skin types and all age groups. Whether you are working on preventative measures or trying to smooth wrinkles and clear up blemishes there is a skincare line for you. If you are looking for something that is amazing for you and makes you feel gorgeous, Arbonne has got you covered.