2020 Lessons Recapped...

2020 was... something. Not going to say if it was a good something or a bad something because there was a healthy mix of both, but nevertheless it was something! But with the beginning of each year, I take the time to evaluate my relationships, the life choices I made (big AND small) the previous year, the goals I reached, the goals I didn't, and the moments from the previous year that stick out to me the most. So, I thought I would share some of the lessons I learned this year, along with how I'm going to take those lessons into 2021.

  1. Figure out who to invest in. In this age of social media, texting, FaceTime, EVERYTHING, sometimes we have sensory overload and lose sight of the real relationships in front of us. So, choose your tribe. Who is consistently there for you? Who makes you feel good about yourself? Who can you be yourself around? Ask yourself these questions this year, I know I will be.

  2. Take care of your body. We all spent a lot of time in quarantine last year. We picked up new hobbies, we went for more walks around the neighborhood, we tried Zoom yoga classes, etcetera. That is a practice I am bringing into 2021. More time outdoors. More time working out and keeping my body in shape.

  3. Take care of your mind. Mental illnesses like depression and anxiety were brought to the world's attention this year with everybody being trapped in their homes. We discovered these mental illnesses are more common than we thought and they are very real things that people deal with each day. So, this year I am starting a gratitude journal. I had one in 2020 that I wrote in off and on but I'm planning to be much more active about being thankful and appreciative because it does amazing things for my mindset.

  4. Saying yes! We were all cooped up for most of 2020, so once the vaccine is released and COVID-19 cases are down I plan to say yes to life! Yes - to traveling. Yes - to true friendships. Yes - to love. Yes - to venturing outside my comfort zone. There's no reason to say no (unless there is, but for the point of this post, we're making no excuses!!).

All this being said, I hope you all the happiest and healthiest of New Years, and that you pursue your goals with vivaciousness and confidence. Xx