I've dived into how to be healthy. Whether it is skincare or snacks or exercise or meditation, I have written something about it. But now, I feel it is time to address mental health more.

Meditation helps, absolutely. But there are certain things that meditation cannot always help. You had a no good, very bad day? Meditation will put your mind into a more ordered box but what about the thoughts that swirl around your head when you try to fall asleep? How do you put those to rest?

In my personal experience, identifying the things that made your day stressful or bad is the first step. Then you need to realize, these days happen to everyone. That mom you ran into at the grocery store who looked super put together? Her child is misbehaving in school. That coworker who always seems to be positive? She is dealing with problems at home. Everyone has their own crosses to bear.

Our society as a whole has a tendency to make the world look like everything is seen through a rose-colored lense. Social media platforms exhibit all the best vacations and best angles but they do not show the mess that is called life. Now, more than ever, we need to learn to be more real and embrace the insecurities and traumas that have shaped us into the human beings we are today.

I think everyone has stuff we have had to walk through either with help from our loved ones or alone and I know for a fact those experiences haunt us in our day to day lives. So, find your outlet and your safe place. Both are a necessary part of life because we are ambushed by all of our senses all day and every day. In those quiet moments, find the spot that allows you to take deep, cleansing breaths, and find that outlet that helps you to sort through the mess and allows you to feel at peace. For me, journaling allows me to separate the irrational fears and emotions into logical facts. That is a hard thing to do and I will say it is a skill I am still working on.

But until then, know it is okay to not be perfect, and it is okay to have moments where you need to take a step back and resign to a spot where you can balance your mental state out again.

So, look at the things that make you happy. That workout that absolutely destroyed you is making you stronger. That smile you sent that stranger's way made their day turn up.