The last few months have been a once in a lifetime experience. Something on this scale will never happen again in our lifetime, and we as a world community will never be the same. Will masks stay a common object that we use when we go out? Will people socially distance out of habit? Or will we go right back to where we were before all this started? I could input my opinion on this but that's not what this post is about.

Since March, we have all had to learn how to make the most of being cooped up in our homes. We all got used to spending more time with our families and having meals together again. There were no jobs to go out to and no more extracurriculars, so we learned how to live with each other again. Relationships with our families flourished, we actually had time to evaluate different aspects of our life and see if they were truly beneficial, relationships were put to the ultimate test as we resorted to texts and phone calls to stay in touch with one another. Virtual happy hours commenced for the moms and the dads desperately scoured the internet for sports news and news on COVID-19.

During this time, I took Yale's course on happiness which was a fun and educational distraction, I started reading again, and I spent quality time with my family all day into the evenings, and sometime after 10 PM I got some quality time with my boyfriend… aka I hopped on a FaceTime call. But, the most important thing about this quarantine was that I was able to find myself again and I had time to evaluate the things I wanted out of life.

Quarantine is almost over, if it has not ended already. I implore y’all to take some time to do some soul searching. Discover what your passions are and pick up a new hobby. Take a long walk in the sunshine to slow down and just appreciate that you have the time to do things like that. Call your grandparents, I bet they would love to hear from you. Hug your dog since we can’t technically hug each other right now. Meditate. Be happy!

Stay strong, calm, and healthy my loves, you’re all in my thoughts.