My journey to becoming a yoga teacher...

So, a quick life update: about a month ago I signed up for my 200 YTT through My Vinyasa Practice. Since I began my path, I cannot express how much better I feel, mentally and physically. The teachings I have read over and listened to have helped me to become more centered in myself and has taught me to let go of expectations and to view life through an objective lens. Through doing yoga classes multiple times a week, I have never felt better. My body feels loose and relaxed and I can feel myself getting stronger. I have incorporated 30 minutes of meditation in a day, 3-4 yoga classes a week, and the enlightening reading that is required through the course.

If you ever decide to pursue a certification in yoga, I 100% recommend doing it through My Vinyasa Practice. They offer so much hands-on learning, video lectures, and TONS of office hours. Any questions you have, the teachers will help you find the answer.

My goal is to finish my certification by the first week of September… so stay tuned for yoga sequences, tips, or invites to my Zoom classes I’ll have set up!

As always, stay safe, calm, and strong! xx