The importance of good running shoes...

For this post, I asked for some input from my boyfriend Corbin who is the manager of a running specialty store in Texarkana, AR called Racquet and Jog. He carries all sorts of running shoe brands like Hoka One One, Brooks, Asics, On Running, New Balance, Altra, and Adidas. Every single one of these brands carries wonderful running shoes but he and I had a discussion that I wanted to share with you all about making sure we find the correct shoes because that can make all the difference in the world. Most people slightly overpronate (your ankles go in when you walk/run) or the opposite which is supination (your ankles go out when you walk/run). Both of these things can be barely noticeable or very extreme.

I have a tendency to overpronate that we didn’t catch until recently so the past few years I have been having knee pain because I have been wearing the wrong shoes. For me, my overpronation is actually very prominent so we were both surprised we had not noticed it before now. For people who overpronate or supinate you want to go more towards supportive shoes like On Running Cloudaces, Hoka Arahis or Gaviotas, Brooks Adrenalines, or New Balance 880s or Vongos. If you are neutral or you do not overpronate or supinate, you can run in neutral shoes. My personal favorites when I could run in neutral shoes were On Running Cloudflows or Cloudsurfers, New Balance 1080s, Brooks Ghost 12s, and Adidas Solarboosts. All of these have great cushion and good arch support.

If you guys have any questions about this feel free to email me or DM me on Instagram! I tagged Racquet and Jog’s store website below:

Stay safe, calm, and strong!