Eating healthy...

Our bodies are temples. As such, we must watch what we intake, what we put on our skin, and how we treat our bodies as a whole. I know what you’re thinking, “I’ve heard this before, and you could not pay me enough money to eat rabbit food.”

But here’s the thing. There are so many ways to make eating right fun, delicious and affordable! It’s a matter of playing with ingredients on your salads, spices on your vegetables, etcetera. I have always suffered from digestive problems so watching what I eat is of the UTMOST importance. I recently changed over my diet to only vegetables and seafood with whole grain carbohydrates. Anything processed makes me feel terrible and I realized while on vacation in Colorado that I should try switching up what I eat and sticking with fresh ingredients from salads and sticking to eating seafood. Don’t get me wrong, eating salad every day can definitely get old. But, I played around with ingredients like dried cranberries, fresh blackberries, nuts and seeds, sliced carrots and cucumbers, and cheeses like feta to find blends that I like. If you devote some time to it, you find plenty of ingredients to spice things up and interchange so you aren’t eating the same old lettuce blend every day.

I can confidently tell you I have never felt better! If you don’t feel fantastic after eating it may be time to evaluate what you are eating and figuring out what is making you feel less than fantastic. As always, if you have any questions do not be afraid to reach out!! I will be posting different recipes that I love for you guys to try out as well.

Stay strong, calm, and healthy! xx