Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder...

This mornings thoughts: beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

And that’s what society harps onto us, especially as women as we grow up.

“Does he think I’m pretty?”

“Does my hair look perfect?”

“I can’t wear that it doesn’t show off my figure!”

But I’m just here to tell you to behold YOURSELF. Stop looking to the outside world to get affirmation that you’re beautiful because you already are! Even when you’re bloated, or you have bags under your eyes, or awkward tan lines, or stretch marks. You know what all those things mean? That you’ve LIVED! You let yourself eat whatever you wanted because it made you happy, you stayed outside for too long in a t-shirt and shorts because the sun was filling you with warmth and breathing the fresh air was breathing life back into you after a long work day, you have bags under your eyes because you stayed up too late reading your book or playing with your pet or painting! The curves that come with womanhood are beautiful and unique and are what makes you YOU!

I’m learning to accept and adore every inch, even on the days that my IBS is making me super bloated or my period is making me feel icky or I look exhausted because I stayed up too late AGAIN... because I know this is a body and mind that has weathered storms and supported me when I didn’t support myself!