Creating a Commonplace Journal...

We all have journals of some sort whether it is a planner, something to document our life in, a place to collect ideas, or something we find every few months a the bottom of our drawer and try to write in only to put it down again. Me personally, I have about 10 separate notebooks sitting around my office and my bedroom, all of them only having a couple pages used in each one.

However, I recently came across the idea of a commonplace journal and it was something I IMMEDIATELY began doing and I have to say that I love the idea. A commonplace notebook is a journal that you input any inspirational or informational nuggets you stumble across throughout your day. I love it because it forces you to write down anything and everything and it is all in one place. I particularly love this idea because I think it would be cool to see what I found inspirational or noteworthy at this point in my life later down the road. You can write down anything from quotes, movie lines, observations, a line from a book you read, song lyrics, brief writings of an experience you went through that taught you a life lesson (big or small).

In the words of Joan Didion, "I write entirely to find out what I am thinking, what I am looking at, what I see and what it means, what I want and what I fear."

A commonplace journal allows you to observe your thoughts and values outwardly. Why did that quote stick with you? Why did that song lyric ring true in your soul? Document everything that inspires you, by the time you're old you will have a lifetime of inspiration right in front of your eyes and in your hands.