Date Yourself...

This Valentine's Day weekend I took myself on a date and treated myself to a 60-minute deep tissue massage. Saturday I dressed myself up in my little black dress and Louboutin's and took myself to the ballet, Moulin Rouge specifically. And I LOVED it. Holy COW it gave me life!!!

So, on today's post on the blog I'm encouraging you to go date yourself and am going to give you a few ideas on how you can go about doing so. Now to clarify, you can date yourself while in a relationship with another person. But, by dating yourself you are giving yourself room to explore your passions, stay in tune with yourself, and keep the spark going when it comes to self-love. Without further ado, here are 10 date ideas that I challenge you to enact in the coming weeks!

  1. Go to a coffee shop and read.

  2. Movie night at the theater or in the comfort of your home.

  3. Go to your city's botanical gardens.

  4. Make yourself a romantic home-cooked meal.

  5. Take yourself out to dinner.

  6. Go for a sunrise walk around your neighborhood.

  7. Buy yourself flowers.

  8. Take a bubble bath with relaxing essential oils and epsom salt and do a face mask.

  9. Do a divine feminine yoga flow.

  10. Make yourself breakfast in bed.

  11. Go take a painting class.

  12. Go get supplies for a new creative hobby you have never done before and try it.

  13. Learn how to make a candle or any other thing you can make yourself instead of buy.

  14. Go buy an ice cream sundae.

  15. Go to the farmers market.

There is 15 ideas, if you do ANY of them submit a picture to me with your thoughts and description of your date, I would LOVE to see them! I'm sure I will be doing all of these and telling you all about them. Xx