Forgive Yourself...

I've been in a very busy season of life. I've been working almost 40 hours a week at Starbucks, teaching anywhere from two to six group fitness classes a week, whilst attempting to grow my Arbonne business and maintain my social life and relationships.

While I have tried to stay on top of everything, things have been slipping through the cracks. Maybe I forgot to text my parents one day, or I've had less time for my boyfriend, or I've had to cancel plans with friends, or I've woken up with ten minutes to get to work on time.

Mistakes are inevitable and a part of life, what is important is to learn from them but also forgive yourself for them. There was a time in my life where I struggled with both those things and I con confidently say that the first time I realized I had forgotten to reach out to my parents I felt so awful. Or the first time I had forgotten about a weekly date night or when I noticed I was being shorter than usual with people. Every single time I felt awful and talked down to myself. "You are better than that, you're not doing good enough, etcetera."

But there is one thing that stays consistent every day of your life. You did your best! No matter what that best looked like, YOU DID IT. There will be seasons of your life, days, weeks, where your best looks a little worse for wear. Those are the moments you need to give yourself a hug and affirm forgiveness within yourself. You also need to acknowledge that you have a lot on your plate and try to scale things down, or take a day (or three) to rest and rejuvenate.

So, while this post is short this week I hope you heed it. Breathe, forgive, and remember you are doing your best! You're doing amazing, xoxo.