Gift Ideas for Friends...

With Christmas coming up and honestly right around the corner if we factor in how fast this year has flown by... I know we are all scrambling trying to get every last gift we can before the clock strikes 12 on the night of the 24th! I always have trouble finding the perfect gift so I just wanted to share a couple of my favorites from this year.

  1. Hydroflask - For the friend who is always on the go and/or always working out... (

  2. "Foodie" Hat - For the friend who is always asking if you want to go to brunch... ( )

  3. "Sleepy" Hat - For the friend who is always running late because she had to get coffee or couldn't roll out of bed in time... ( )

  4. "I am the hero of my own life." Journal - For the friend who is working on self love and who is always asking you how you are doing... (

  5. Aloha Ears - For the friend who is always at Disney or is ALWAYS talking Disney and asking you to watch Disney movies with her... (

  6. Bootaybag Subscription - For the friend who loves businesses ran by women and who either needs a panty drawer refresh or who always has cute undies and is always looking for more... (

  7. L'Abeille Ice Therapy Skin Tea - For the friend who is always preaching about skincare... (

  8. Caffeine Face Mask - Again, for the friend who is always taking obsessive care of her skin but also likes to keep things easy... (

  9. Arbonne Products - For the friend who is super into her health, who is always drinking protein shakes, taking her vitamins, and who loves using all natural nutrition ingredients and skincare... (

These are just a few ideas! If you want more feel free to send me an email via the bottom of this page. Xx