I Stopped Pulling... Here's What I've Found

For those not familiar with the term "pulling" in regard to it being applied to your life, here's a brief synopsis. If you find yourself texting all of your friends for advice when you are having relationship problems, that's pulling. If you text every adult in your life when you get a new job offer, asking for advice, that's pulling.

And I was really bad about it for most of my life. The result was a lot of choices that weren't my own, which led to some unhappiness, some resentment, overall negativity and unhappiness with my life because it wasn't fully mine. But at the start of this year I made the pact with myself to stop. I did, and I'm sharing what's changed in my life to reflect the lack of pulling going on these days.

I'm happier, I'm more content. I live in the confidence and assuredness that my life is my own. There is no better feeling when you are a nineteen year old living on your own. I trust myself, I listen to my heart. I listen to my gut and my intuition and in turn, they have led me down my path of alignment. My relationships are lighter. They're able to just be without the weight of me feeling like I always need help. I trust myself!

So, if you feel like you pull a lot in your life, here are some affirmations to add to your daily life so you can slowly begin trusting yourself and your intuition more.

I trust myself.

I am clear.

When I am listening to my intuition and my heart, there is no way I can be wrong.

I know what is best for me.

I am always capable.

I am in control of my own reality.

I hope we can all live our life for ourselves, fully, unapologetically, and with happiness. If you find yourself pulling, try journaling instead, I guarantee you will find the answers within yourself.