My Evening Routine...

As you all know, I shared my morning routine a while back! So, I figured I should share my evening routine with you as well.

  1. Check in via journal. I personally have three journals (morning journal, evening journal, and a commonplace journal). In the night journal ask yourself these questions nightly:

  2. How are you? - Stick with one simple word but try to make it specific. For example, instead of saying "good" say "happy" or "calm". Or instead of "bad" say "tired" or "drained".

  3. Go into depth about that word. - Why are you feeling that way? What events in your day contributed to that feeling?

  4. What worked? - Reflect on your day, what things caused good results? What things helped your mindset be more positive?

  5. What did not work? - Again, reflect on your day. What things put you in a negative mindset? What conversations or mindsets or actions drained you?

  6. Magic moment. - Think about your day and pick a moment that stood out from the rest of your day.

  7. Did you implement your values? - Simple yes or no with a brief explanation of why.

  8. What do you need to get done tomorrow? - Think about what you have on your plate tomorrow. What tasks are you wanting to get done? What are your goals (big and small)?

2. Drink a cup of tea (my personal favorite is a lemongrass and peppermint blend, link: ) or just drink a glass of water. This really helps your body cleanse and reset itself overnight!

3. Tidy your room/house. Personally, a clean space does wonders for my mental state. If my area is clean and organized, I feel more organized and clearheaded as well. As my mom used to say (and still does), "Something that takes you 15 minutes now, will take 3 times as long if you wait and let it get worse." Frankly, this can be applied to anything in life but for this specific scenario we'll stick with the context of cleaning.

4. Creative activity. This can be ANYTHING! Painting, baking, sewing, blanket knitting, YOU NAME IT!

5. Rinse your face, brush your teeth, moisturize!! This is such a simple, mundane task that is often overlooked... but the simplicity of it is so important. I encourage you to rest and be present in those moments. Appreciate cleaning yourself up and pampering yourself at the end of each day!

6. UNPLUG! I put my phone away and set my alarm for the next morning 30 minutes before I go to bed, an hour if I can swing it. Then, I plug my phone in across the room. This practice will also make getting out of bed easier the next morning because you will have to physically get up in order to turn your alarm off.

7. READ! All of the greatest leaders and most accomplished minds have something in common. They all read!! Reading is the gateway to bigger things. As soon as you open up and develop that skill a much bigger realm of skills and opportunities open up to you. You can read a fun fiction book or something educational but I encourage you to pick up a book once you put the phone up. You will be amazed at how much sharper your mind seems throughout your daily life.

All of this being said, I understand some of you have kids or work until 9 o'clock at night but I encourage you to do these things and if you need to cut out some of the steps, maybe cut out the creative activity. You will stimulate your imagination just as much by picking up a fiction novel. Slow down and let yourself enjoy these quiet moments at the end of your day. If you are like me you are go-go-go during the day, so allow yourself to slow down. You will thank yourself later. xx