My Mindful Mornings...

Having a solid but simple morning routine is so important because it sets the stage for the rest of your day. That being said, I thought I would share my morning routine with you to give you some ideas of how to make your mornings more mindful.

  1. I leave my phone across the room on my dresser at night, when my alarm goes off I get up and turn it off but have a rule enforced to where I do not go on my phone at all for the first hour of my day.

  2. Make my bed. You would be shocked how even just making your bed disciplines you and sets the stage for you being productive the rest of your day.

  3. I sit down in Siddhasana (criss cross applesauce with good posture) and take ten, slow, deep breaths. This helps me start my day in a calm mindset and forces me to slow down and breathe.

  4. Fill out my gratitude journal. I was gifted a gratitude journal a while back and it is something I fill out every morning to start my day. It is an amazing practice that helps you learn how to be more grateful, even on your bad days. (Click this link for a cheap one on Amazon: )

  5. Fill out my morning journal. In this journal, I write down my to-do list for each day and put a star next to the tasks I MUST get done that day. I also have a set of values I attempt to live by each day and I rewrite them every single morning to remind myself of the standard to live by.

  6. Drink a glass of water. Enough said.

I understand that some of you have super busy mornings that are go-go-go as soon as your feet touch your floor, but I would encourage you to try waking up a little earlier to try and do at least some of the things I listed above. I think you will find that you are more focused, more mindful, and more calm throughout your day.

As always, thank you for reading! Your support means everything xx