Small Ways to Incorporate Elegance...

When someone says the word "elegance" what do you think of? Maybe a woman wearing pearls with perfect smoky eyes comes to mind. But, not every act that screams "elegance" is that obvious. A lot of subtle things culminate into an elegant woman who has class.

  1. Knowing how to hold your utensils properly. Basic but oh so important.

  2. Keep a tidy home.

  3. Do not gossip or talk down about other women (and men). Judgement and being catty is extremely classless.

  4. Handwrite thank you letters. Don't just send a quick text, write out a thank you letter. This is such a lost practice but means so much to people who are on the receiving end of it.

  5. Bring your shoulders back and keep your head up! Ten years of ballet did not make making this a habit any easier. I was so bad about slouching until I actively made myself stop doing it, and even then I still have my moments.

These 5 steps are so small and so easy but make such a big difference. Being kind, being confident, and just generally carrying yourself well goes a long way! xx