Valentine's Day Self Care...

Ahh... Valentine's Day. Either the most lovey day of the year or the most prominent holiday that reminds you exactly how single you are. No matter which one you identify with this year, I invite you to join me on my Valentine's Day tradition of loving myself and treating myself whether single or taken! Below are a few ideas on how to show a little love to yourself and get a little "You" time this Valentine's Day:

  1. Take a bath! Get some epsom salts, a bath bomb, and/or a bubble bath mix and sink into relaxation. Bring a book with you or just light some candles and meditate.

  2. Do a face mask! Pop into your local "Wellness" small business and get a mask from them. Pamper and rejuvenate your skin and rub some relaxing essential oils onto your wrists.

  3. Eat some chocolate, and take yourself to dinner or brunch (Not in that order ;) )! One of my favorite things recently has been taking myself out to meals. I cook 90% of the time so it's a nice treat to go out and have someone else cook and take care of the dishes!

  4. Have a big-O... and by "O" I mean orgasm. Yes I went there, sorry Mom! But seriously, getting acquainted with your body and embracing your sensuality is one of my favorite things as a woman. Don't be ashamed, enjoy yourself!

  5. Take a class of some sort and learn something new! Me personally, I use Skillpop ( because they offer SO many online classes that are super affordable. Learning something new is a gift I think because it expands your horizons and your interests while also taking you out of your comfort zone!

Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day whether you are spending it with your significant other or you'll be like me, sitting in my bath tub eating chocolate covered strawberries with my dog! See you all next week and don't forget to subscribe to my emails if you have not already... Xx